Stashfin - Summary

Being in a co-lending arrangement with AKARA Capital Advisors Private Limited, we use Stashfin, a leading financial service platform, to provide access to fair, fast, affordable and transparent financial solutions to borrowers across India, helping each one to get ahead.

Being one of the top 5 financial services platforms in India, Stashfin aims to create opportunities for borrowers with a small credit footprint, build a robust credit footprint, and help integrate the business within the organised financial ecosystem.

Stashfin - How does this partnership help you get ahead?

How does this partnership help you get ahead?
• Easy online application
• Quick processing time
• Immediate transfer of funds
• eNACH and eSign
• EMI repayment via digital repayment solutions

Stashfin - How To Apply

Mandatory Information:

Customer Care/Grievance Redressal Mechanism
Sachet Portal

Stashfin’s Privacy Policy
Nature of services availed
Customer acquisition and recovery  


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Q2. How long does the application process take?
Q3. Are your loans secured? What collateral do you require?
Q4. What documentation is required for my application?

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