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Trust. Transparency. Technology.
At Arka, business loans are structured around three fundamental pillars.
For us, our relationship
with our customers,
goes beyond the
Our supply chain business loans help suppliers meet their short-term funding requirements with competitive interest rates and streamlined working capital management.

Our tech-driven supply chain finance platform helps integrate our system with our customers’ ERP platform and provide credit solutions that will enable their business to get ahead.

Supply Chain Finance - Bill Discounting

Bill Discounting
Bill Discounting
Backed by our digital supply chain finance platform, bill discounting is one of the credit solutions offered to dealers and vendors of large corporations to ease liquidity and cash flow, enabling businesses to get ahead.

Supply Chain Finance - Purchase Order Finance

Purchase Order Finance
We empower suppliers with upfront funding backed by a confirmed Purchase Order to help them overcome cash flow problems and fulfil outstanding orders that will help their businesses grow and get ahead.
Purchase Order Finance


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