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Yogesh Kapur

Independent Director

Mr. Yogesh Kapur, a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA), started his career in 1983 with HDFC. He then joined the investment banking arm of HSBC in 1991 before moving on to a leading investment and brokerage house, Enam Securities Pvt. Ltd in 1994. After Axis Bank acquired the investment banking business at Enam Securities Pvt. Ltd in 2012, Mr. Yogesh Kapur moved to Axis Bank Capital Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Axis Bank. In 2014, he took over the role of Head of Strategic Relationship Group - Wholesale Banking for North India in Axis Bank. Following his superannuation in July 2017, he re-joined Axis Capital as a contracted Managing Director (Special Coverage) until November 2022.

During his tenure as an investment banker, Mr. Yogesh Kapur has contributed significantly to both private and public sector organisations that were preparing to list on public markets. In addition, he has been engaged in advising companies on strategic initiatives, reorganisation, business /corporate restructuring etc. Mr. Kapur was very closely engaged during this period with DIPAM to manage initial listings and further divestments in listed public sector companies in accordance with Government’s directives/ decisions on the subject. During his career positions with different organizations, Mr. Kapur has worked on number of international assignments including for USAID and World Bank in Sri Lanka and Ghana.

He also served on committees set up by SEBI/Government of India- Ministry of Finance and the Indian Government to examine ADRs, GDRs and bond regulations.

Currently, Mr. Yogesh Kapur is on the board of HDFC Education and Development Services Ltd (HEADS), a subsidiary of HDFC Ltd, Greenlam Industries Ltd, a leading manufacturer of laminates, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, ASK Automotive Limited  and Rico Industries Limited.