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AFL’s Syndication team closely works with the clients to meet their specific debt financing needs.

We provide holistic solutions to corporate clients for project finance, capital expenditure, general corporate requirements, last mile financing, subordinated structured debt through arranger/underwriting and co-lending strategies across sectors.

AFL provides arranger, underwriting, co-lending and advisory services across various categories of loans:

  • Project and Working Capital Loan
  • Construction Finance
  • Debt Refinancing
  • Medium Term & Short Term Corporate Loans

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Key Points

Diverse Network

Concluded transactions with over 8 lenders which include Bank, NBFCs and AIFs

Underwriting Capability

Ability to underwrite transactions for achieving financial closure.

Evolving Vintage

Concluded 10+ transactions with a mix of arranger and co-lending deals.

Sector Agnostic Focus

Raised funds for clients across RE as well as Trading & Manufacturing space.

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Why Debt Syndication?

Debt syndication helps in achieving financial closure for high ticket transactions by increasing the lender base and market acceptability of the borrowing company.

Presence of syndicators in transactions eases the process of borrowing for the company wherein the syndicator will be the single point of contact for multiple incoming lenders.

What is the turnaround time for transactions?

Turn around time generally ranges from 3-6 months for each transaction from the date of signing the mandate letter to the date of disbursement of required debt.

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