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Incorporated on 13th July, 2021, Arka Financial Holdings Private Limited (AFHPL), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited.

Arka Financial Holdings Private Limited (AFHPL) is classified as a non-government company and is registered with the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai. AFHPL is incorporated with the objective of being a Core Investment Company (“CIC”). It makes investments for different purposes that include acquiring, disposing of, investing or participating in and holding in group companies. This could be in the form of shares, bonds, debentures, debt, loan or any other securities. It also includes providing loans, guarantees, different forms of collateral, or taking on other contingent liabilities for and on behalf of the group company. This is done to continue executing financial activities or the business of a leasing, hire purchase, finance and investment company and to undertake or syndicate all types of business related to financial solutions.

Currently, Arka Financial Holdings Private Limited has two subsidiaries namely, Arka Fincap Limited and Arka Investment Advisory Services Private Limited.

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Our Philosophy

We understand that success is a result of resilience. We consider failure to be a new beginning. We believe that hard work is a combination of passion, patience and perseverance. We know that the ones who truly live by this, are the champions who strive to get ahead.

Their tenacious spirit ignites change in the face of a challenge. They invest their blood, sweat and magic in their dreams. It is them whom we celebrate. It is in their worlds, we entrench ourselves. It is for them, we customise financial solutions, simply enabling their businesses to get ahead.

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Board of Directors
Their wealth of experience fuels our ambition. Their expertise hones our actions. It is their encouragement that drives us to innovate financial solutions in pace with the ever-changing tapestry of the market. It is their guidance that paves the path for our team, our vision and our organisation to get ahead.