Bespoke Financial Solutions
We understand that the path to success isn’t linear. There are curveballs waiting for businesses at every corner. But with eyes on the prize, reaching the goal and going beyond is only a matter of having the right partner who can offer bespoke financial solutions.

That’s why at Arka, we believe in partnering with corporates as a solutions provider. We build the solutions around the specific requirements and objectives of our customers.

We facilitate capex term loans to help larger organisations as they upscale, upgrade or expand. We offer differentiated bespoke financial solutions in the form of promoter financing and loan against shares to meet funding requirements at the holding company level, thus helping them to get ahead.

Bespoke Financial Solution -Why to partner with Arka

Bespoke Financial Solution
Why should you partner with Arka to get ahead?
• Our ability to deliver structured solutions in a timely manner.
• We build a bond of trust, transparency and mutual respect.
• We structure bespoke financial solutions even in unconventional circumstances.

Bespoke Financial Solution - Arka’s Client Chronicles

Arka’s Client Chronicles
Our timely solutions helped leading holding companies to provide growth capital support to their respective group companies. In our ability to structure bespoke financial solutions with trust, transparency and our expertise, lies the reason for some of largest India’s conglomerates to partner with us across multiple transactions.  

Bespoke Financial Solutions - Getting Ahead With Arka

Getting Ahead With Arka