Growth Funding Solutions
When the goal is to expand, build and grow, it is crucial to have access to corporate lending solutions that are flexible, immediate and empowering. Hence, we structure financial solutions to help with mergers and acquisitions, liquidity needs or to simply expedite the company’s progress.

During a merger and acquisition, we facilitate funds for our clients, providing financing for both the parent and the target levels. We help our clients with bridge financing, helping them fund a varied range of business objectives.

Our mezzanine financing solutions helps us solve our clients’ short-term liquidity needs while building a long-term partnership. We partner small businesses with big dreams to grow by structuring financial solutions that enable them to diversify and get ahead.

Growth Funding Solutions - Arka’s Client Chronicles

Arka’s Client Chronicles
Our understanding of new verticals and flexibility in structuring financial solutions. That’s how we helped upcoming companies to grow the under construction renewable energy portfolio across wind and solar projects. We helped a mine developer acquire stake in another company and structured financial solutions for a large conglomerate to execute orders of EV buses won from several state governments.  

Bespoke Financial Solutions - Getting Ahead With Arka

Getting Ahead With Arka