Secured Business Loans - Summary

Secured Business Loans
The excitement of starting a new venture. The thrill of extending the reach of your business to new markets. The anticipation of growing and surpassing expectations. We understand and celebrate this drive of yours to get ahead.

That’s why we have structured secured loans, backed by your pledge of a residential, commercial or industrial property to help you purchase a new property, improve your cash flow by consolidating debt or simply expand your business. With longer tenure loans at competitive interest rates, we ensure that Arka’s secured loans are not cumbersome, but instrumental in your growth story.

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Secured Business Loans
Why should you partner with Arka to get ahead?
•Competitive interest rates
•Quicker turnaround time for loan disbursal
•Serve all sizes of businesses, be it micro, small, medium or large, irrespective of the diverse set of properties, cash flow methods and industries
•The industry best loan eligibility for customers who maintain timely loan repayments and good banking protocols
•Part payment facility offered every year at no cost
•Exclusive offers for manufacturers pledging industrial properties
•Existing customers are pre-qualified for top up loans within 1 year
• Customer portal for easy support

Secured Business Loans - Getting Ahead With Arka

Getting Ahead With Arka

Secured FAQ web content

Q1. What is the maximum loan tenure of the loan against the property (LAP)?
Q2. What will be the interest rate of the LAP?
Q3. What security/collateral do I need to provide?
Q4. How much loan will I get?
Q5. What should be my CIBIL score if I want to apply for loan against property?
Q6. What is LTV?
Q7. I want to avail a loan for my partnership firm. Will you need co-applicants?
Q8. Can I avail a loan only on Rentals that I am receiving?
Q9. What documents are required to avail the loan?

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