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At Arka, we believe champions are those whose pursuit of continuous improvement never ceases. Not even when they meet their goal. They just set their eyes on the next one and work tirelessly towards it. We partner these champions. We see beyond the size of their business. Be it small, medium or large. To us, what matters is the ambition and the fighting spirit to get there. That’s why we work alongside champions like you, to grow your business, expand your footprint and make inroads into different markets.

And to do this, we believe that our solutions need to be just as unique as the requirements of the business. Hence, in a sector, where offerings are structured around products, Arka is driven by people. We meet a business’ unique requirements with dynamic and forward looking solutions, giving you an opportunity to not just meet targets, but surpass them. With the combined synergies of technology and our team’s exemplary expertise, we craft bespoke financial services that will enable you and your business to get ahead.

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Business Lending
We understand that growing a business takes tenacity. It requires just as much perseverance as it does perspiration. And we believe that the right partner is integral in making that next phase, a reality. Hence, we tailor-make secured and unsecured business loans, and offer supply chain finance solutions to help you get ahead.

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Embedded Finance
We leverage technology to facilitate faster financial decisions and a seamless loan process. We partner innovative fintech companies in delivering digital financial solutions such as margin funding for first time home buyers, financing for education fees, and easy access to credit for small and medium sized businesses.


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The Team
The drivers of innovation. The voice of reason. The force beneath your success is our team. A team that is built with the sole purpose to understand your business, your challenges and preempt opportunities for you and your business to get ahead.