Syndication - Summary

Structuring loan syndication to provide customer-centric solutions.
Our syndication team takes on the responsibility of structuring robust business financial solutions. From business acquisitions, expansions, restructuring debt to refinancing their existing business, we help our customers with bespoke solutions that enable them to get ahead.

Syndication - Why to partner

Why should you partner with Arka to get ahead?
As a non-banking financial company that offers loan syndication solutions, we understand the importance of implicit trust, both for our clients and the lenders. Hence, we nurture these partnerships. And we believe that these stories of success speak for themselves.

Syndication - Acquisition financing

Acquisition financing of assets under liquidation
We undertook the arranger mandate to arrange the funds from participating lenders within a span of 30 days.
Syndication - Acquisition financing

Syndication - Acquisition financing - Summary

Comprehensive Financing Structure:
We successfully crafted a robust financing structure that optimally balanced debt and equity, aligning with the client's financial objectives, while minimising risk and maximising returns.
Financial Institution Collaboration:
The involvement of four esteemed financial institutions is a testament to their confidence in the project's viability and the client's capability to manage the asset effectively. Our careful selection and negotiations have forged a strong partnership for the success of this venture.
Swift Execution:
Despite the time constraints, we demonstrated agility and efficiency throughout the process, right from initial due diligence to finalising agreements with the financial institutions.

Syndication - Refinancing

Refinancing of existing debt
We undertook the arranger mandate for refinancing an ongoing residential development project, assisting our client in availing enhanced credit terms, reducing the overall cost and aligning the capital structure based on the project’s progress.

Syndication - Refinancing - Summary

Strategic Debt Refinancing:
Our team has successfully navigated the intricacies of the financial landscape to provide our client with a comprehensive debt refinancing solution for under construction projects. This involved a strategic blend of primary and secondary market participation, ensuring a well-balanced and optimised financial structure.
Tailored Financial Structure:
The debt refinancing solution implemented is bespoke to our client's unique needs. Our team carefully carved out a structure which was enhanced and crafted with optimised costs. We improved the serviceability of the financial obligations and aligned the payment terms to the sales strategy going ahead.
Primary Market Success:
Leveraging our expertise, we secured fresh debt capital from the primary market, allowing our client to benefit from favorable terms and conditions. This influx of funds addressed the immediate financial requirements and significantly bolstered the cashflows of the project, enhancing its financial resilience.
Secondary Market Expertise:
With our wide range of relationships with financial institutions across the spectrum, we successfully managed to get sanctions from participating lenders. This facilitated cost savings and enhanced our client's overall investor base.

Syndication - Project Financing

Project Financing
We assisted a client in raising finance for a project during the initial stages of development, prompting the need for a nuanced approach. Through our dedicated syndication services, we successfully navigated these challenges, unlocking efficient avenues for capital infusion.
Syndication - Project Financing

Syndication - Project Financing - Summary

Expanded Network of Lenders:
Leveraging our extensive network, we engaged in strategic outreach to potential lenders, fostering collaboration for the benefit of our client. This expanded the pool of available capital sources, ensuring the project's financing needs were met with diverse and flexible solutions.
Tailored Debt Financing Solution:
Our syndication services enabled us to craft a debt financing solution that precisely resolved their existing financial challenges and laid the foundation for sustained financial success.
Efficient Execution:
The success of this deal is a testament to the efficiency of our team in orchestrating complex syndication services. From initial negotiations to the finalisation of agreements, we ensured a seamless and timely execution, meeting the critical financing timelines of our client.

Syndication - Funded Underwriting Service

Syndication - Funded Underwriting Service
Funded Underwriting Service
We undertook the funded underwriting mandate for providing immediate financing solutions to a client. We assisted them in unlocking capital raising avenues, optimising the turnaround time and diversifying the overall investor base.

Syndication - Funded Underwriting Service - Summary

Funded Underwriting Excellence:
We helped provide immediate financing solutions with direct access to fresh capital. This not only facilitated immediate financial requirements but also underscored our commitment to delivering innovative loan syndication solutions.
Optimised Financial Structure:
The combination of funded underwriting and secondary market down sell allowed us to craft a well-optimised financial structure. This approach addressed our client's unique financing needs while minimising the cost of capital.
Enhanced Investor Base:
Following the successful funded underwriting, we executed a strategic down sell in the secondary market. This attracted a diverse set of investors, enhancing the resilience of our client's capital structure.

Syndication - Getting Ahead With Arka

Getting Ahead With Arka