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Opportunities. Recognition. Work-life balance. Growth.
That’s what we all want when looking to work at one of India’s best non banking financial companies.
But that’s the tip of the iceberg. At Arka, we believe that we offer a lot more in our perseverance to help you get ahead.
Starting with the leadership, who encourage, respect and inspire as they offer a platform to excel. Fellow team members, whose synergies are channelled towards exploring new markets, building robust solutions and offering new insights into the business. A work culture that is inclusive, respectful, empathetic and conducive to proposing innovative ideas. The diverse initiatives and programmes conducted, help every member of the Arka team hone their expertise as well as their behavioural and cognitive skills.

It is this investment in your growth story, both professional and personal, coupled with our commitment to help you get ahead, that makes us one of India’s most preferred non banking financial company to work for.

Arka Fincap Learning & Development Initiatives

Learning & Development Initiatives
With people at the heart of Arka, we are driven by a singular purpose - enabling businesses to get ahead. We understand that to achieve this, we need a team that is highly energetic, technologically sound and committed to working together to deliver the desired results. That’s why we have in pace leadership and development programmes that help the team upskill, collaborate and build stronger interpersonal bonds.

Arka Fincap Sales Conscience Training Programme

Sales Conscience Training Programme
A 3 month programme, the Sales Conscience Training is conducted for our entry level sales team. While providing an induction on the do’s and don’ts of the business, we empower them with behavioural skills that can be used to create more opportunities and grow the business.

Arka Fincap-Leadership Programme

Leadership Programme
A programme where managers get an opportunity to develop and hone their cognitive and behavioural skills. They are given use case scenarios on how to build their repertoire and lead their team to success. The objective of the programme is to identify and sharpen leadership qualities in the managers.

Arka Fincap Product Training Programmes

Product Training Programmes
The retail business lending team conducts a monthly training programme to introduce new products, brainstorm on innovative solutions and familiarise the team with updated processes and protocols.
Product Training

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Offsite, Parties, Fun & Games it’s always a work-life balance at Arka. Because we believe only when the mind is at peace, can you get ahead and take on challenges.

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